Upcoming Specials and Announcements
This space highlights upcoming special jazz-related events that are sponsored by the Idaho Jazz Education Endowment, as well as other events of special interest to the IJEE. More details about these and many other events are available on the Calendar page.


Featuring STEVE EATON, Sapphire Room, Riverside Hotel, Tuesday, 2/7/18
 Also featuring Global Beats 
About Steve Eaton:
For years, Steve Eaton has been identified as a unique and innovative songwriter and musician. An Idaho native, Steve has written songs for The Carpenters, Art Garfunkel and Lee Greenwood to name a few. Some of these songs have climbed Billboard Magazine's top 20, appeared on albums achieving gold and platinum status and re-released on multiple best-selling compilations. Three of Steve's songs have appeared in Motion Pictures recently made available on DVD. Steve has been continually called upon to compose instrumental music for film and video productions for such organizations as the Nature Conservancy, CBS After School Specials, National Wildlife Federation, National Endowment for the Arts and The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Steve's work has been recognized with Emmy nominations for music written for two PBS television specials. Steve was also a close friend and colleague of Phil Garonzik, playing with Phil originally in Fat Chance, a power horn and acoustic rock band originating from Idaho and signed on the RCA/Victor label. Over the years, Steve also  played frequently with Phil around the Boise area.

About Global Beats
Global Beats is youth group from the Idaho Arts Charter School. Lead by instructor and drummer David Gluck, the group is comprised of an eclectic mix of instruments such as violins, saxophones, drums, bass, guitars and even a glockenspiel. All their original pieces are influenced by world music grooves from such places as West Africa, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, India and the U.S. As such, Global Beats delivers an electric World Beat blend of vibrant grooves and sublime melodies.