Formerly the Idaho Jazz Society, the Idaho Jazz Education Endowment exists...
  1.  To promote and encourage educational endeavors in the field of jazz in Idaho
  2.  To provide scholarship assistance to aspiring jazz performers or educators
  3.  To promote and publicize jazz festivals, concerts and events throughout Idaho
  4.  To provide volunteer resources to help manage and host jazz festivals in Idaho.
  5.  To facilitate communication, collaboration and cooperation between various groups and musicians in Idaho that support the great American art form known as jazz.
A Brief History
The Idaho Jazz Education Endowment is a charitable 501(c)3 corporation, formed originally in 1990 as the Idaho Jazz Society concurrent with the planning of the first annual Sun Valley Jazz Jamboree (now known as the Sun Valley Jazz Music Festival). The original intent was to work in partnership with that festival by providing volunteers to help it run smoothly, and to continue its subsequent reputation as the premiere traditional jazz festival in the country. The Idaho Jazz Society officially became the Idaho Jazz Education Endowment in 2017.  In recognition that our name, Idaho Jazz Education Endowment, implies much more than just traditional jazz, swing and ragtime, we have sought to be pro-active in making ourselves available as a resource to all jazz activities and events state-wide.

Operating Philosophy
We welcome into membership any who share our interests in jazz in Idaho. Our board of directors and officers meet as often as necessary to discuss operational issues, planning and budgeting, and reviewing scholarship applications. General meetings of the membership are typically held annually in the Boise area for the purpose of communication of our activities and soliciting feedback and comments from the general membership. These usually begin with featured entertainment by local jazz artists--often one of our scholarship recipients. We are presently organized with a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, serving as officers elected by the membership. Additional elected board members also serve as needed.
President: Patrick Kurdy
Vice President: Quinn VanPaepeghem
Secretary: Julie Poedy
Treasurer: Deborah Seifrit
Other Board Members
Amy Braden, Heather Garonzik, Linda Schmidt, Shirley VanPaepeghem, Megan Zusne
Directors Emeritus
Dick and Betty Black,  John Erisman
Contact Us
To contact us, use our handy Contact Us form at the bottom of this page, write to us at our mailing address, or contact one of the IJS officers.
Idaho Jazz Education Endowment
P.O. Box 140655
Garden City, ID 83714-0655
Main Contacts
For IJEE management and policy questions, scholarship questions, and general business:
President - Patrick Kurdy: ptkurdy@cableone.net or (208) 336-4447.
For questions about IJEE membership status:
Membership Coordinator - Julie Poedy: membershipcoordinator@gmail.com or (208) 861-9334.
For questions or feedback about this website:
Webmaster - Megan Zusne: ijswebmaster@gmail.com or (208) 695-9328.
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